Acererak's Treasure House

This adventure has been completed
Each character gains 707gp in cash.
Each character now owns a riding horse.
The Twilight Company has a substantial store of residuum for crafting magic items.
See the loot page for more items.

Starting XP: 6667
XP needed for level 7: 10,000

Part I: McElligot’s Pool

The scalor menace is over… or is it? A group of farmers from the foothills south of Red Rock claim that they have seen some lizard-like creatures prowling at night in the vicinity of McElligot’s Pool, formerly a prime fishing spot at the edge of the Western Mountains. They need someone to investigate the pool and its environs, and to clear out anything dangerous in the area so that they can get back to fishing! Though they have little coin, the farmers have offered a luminous green gem as payment that is surely worth a great deal to a collector or a jeweller in Galadale or Thron.


Major Quests
The Treasure House of Acererak: Find the treasure house, explore its depths (or heights) and render it reasonably safe for academics to explore.

Minor Quests
completed McElligot’s Pool: Give the farmers back their fishing hole! Make sure all the pests are cleared out and won’t return, at least for a generation or so.

Session 1

  • XP gained: 1450 (combat) + 600 (skill challenge) = 2050/5 = 410 xp per character
  • Treasure Earned: More horses than you could ever eat. An elemental crystal worth 50gp.
    -Got a note from Taraline about a ‘treasure house’ to the south of Red Rock.
    -Dealt with some unruly mercenaries in Dunem’s Bar.
    -The brigands, Malak’s Dogs, were hired by a government official out of Thron who calls himself ‘Jack’.
    -There are 30 brigands led by a captain named Malak.
    -Jack has 6 lieutenants.
    -Ambushed the ambushers on the South Road. One brigand escaped and the Twilight Company took a Lustrator Loyalist alive for questioning…

Session 2

  • XP gained: 925 (combat) + 400 (skill challenge) = 1325/5 = 265 xp per character
  • Treasure: The mercenaries have 40gp. The Lustrator Loyalist also has a healing potion and wears the cog-and-eye badge of the Lustrators. One of the veterans carries a red garnet worth 50gp and another has a worn primal effigy made of silver, probably looted from the Ooskari tribes. It is worth 50gp as silver, perhaps more to the appropriate Ooskari tribe. Farmer Hobber gives Eva the Ghoststride boots, part of her Heroic Set Items.
    -The captured Lustrator is interrogated.
    -The leader of the Lustrators is Captain Doren.
    -Stasi knows that Doren is a Lustrator special agent, operating outside official channels.
    -Doren is following instructions he got from an ancient tome, looking for landmarks. It sounds like Doren is after the treasure house.
    -Reach Farmer Hobber’s farm and defend it against an attack by the ‘scalar’ which appear to be some sort of aquatic aberrations from subterranean depths.
    -These creatures started causing trouble about two months ago, after a tremor. They chase away anyone who spends too much time at the pool, and have been stealing livestock and damaging property.
    -Strange glowing lights come from the pool sometimes at dusk or dawn.
    -The pool is salt water and smells like the sea, even though you are as far from the coast as you can get in the Kingdom of Thron.
    -There are dead elemental crystals scattered about the pool.
    -You explore the area around the pool and enter a narrow crack that is made easier to traverse by the use of an arcane ritual.
    -Faint pulses of glowing light are periodically seen ahead, and a murmuring voice suddenly grows quiet…

Session 3

  • XP gained: 1525 (combat) + 250 (minor quest) = 1175/5 = 355 xp per character
  • Treasure:
    • A platinum hand found near the entrance to the cave, useable as a focus for the Easy Passage ritual, worth 100gp.
    • elemental crystal ritual components worth 290gp.
    • You begin to spot the glint of gold coins in the muck and wrack along the shore and by the time you are finished you have collected 20 of them. The coins are crusted with salt and some are discoloured by centuries of strange ooze, but they all bear similar faces, vaguely aquatic looking creatures with more human features than is comforting. They are similar to the coins you found on Derrod Hill.
    • A slender rod of copper gone green with age is topped by a cluster of eyes. It is a Deathbone Rod.
    • Miraculously preserved, this necklace is adorned with small polished stones of greens and blues. After handling it for a few moments you realize that the fibres that bind it together are slime-covered hair. The stones are worth 100gp.
    • You manage to tease a small silver object from the slime and seaweed that clings to it. It is a ring that bears a cross-piece that lies along the finger when it is worn. The cross-piece is ridged, like a key. The entire thing is covered with a faint tracery images that hint at strange slender ships and tall spires, all inhabited by humanoid creatures with too many limbs. Worth 150gp.
    • Unwrapping clinging seaweed from this object you reveal what appears to be a black stone carving of a kraken, its tentacles wrapped securely around a small cage. As you handle the object you realize that it is in fact a prison that holds an ancient spirit within.
    • In addition to the note, the dead mage’s book holds the following rituals: Easy Passage, Disenchant Magic Item, and Enchant Magic Item
      -The dead mage is incredibly ancient, and has been dead a long time. He has a small drawing of the cave which does not show the large tunnel leading to the sea. You believe that the recent tremor must have opened that passage to some subterranean realm; it did not exist when the mage was gathering crystals. His book says “Gathering of the crystals goes well, but slowly. The elemental crystal resists too great a harvest, so I can only take small amounts. I have not been able to find the passage to the underground sea that mages who built the tower spoke of, it must have been blocked by rock falls in the decades since they fled this place. I will have to see if I can shore up the ceiling in here, as it is unstable, and made worse by my manipulation of the crystals. I was almost brained by a…”
      -The Beholder Gauth told you that “The earth grew uneasy, it shook, and opened a way for me. This creature’s magics showed me how to pass through to the light above. I have found a new world full of life and I will make it mine. But you are not the ones I was expecting. Where is my crystal? Where are my minions?” You believe the farmers somehow got some of the crystals and the attack on the farm was the beholder’s attempt to get them back.
      -To end the threat you can attempt to collapse the passage to the underground sea, attempt to collapse the entire cave, or simply remove the platinum hand to make the passage to the surface nearly impassable.
      -Since the tower outside has fallen you will have to climb the cliffs outside to get a vantage point from which you can see the tower. You might also want to return to the Hobber Farm to claim your payment, and you may take an extended rest if you wish. Somewhere ahead of you likes the Treasure House of Acererak… and the rest of the Lustrators and mercenaries who are racing for the same prize.

You are level 6! Current XP Total: 7,697

Session 4

  • XP gained: 1500 (combat) + 500 (skill challenge) + 250 (trap)= 2250/5 = 450 xp per character
  • Treasure:
    • The mercenaries have a total of 50sp and 20gp among them.
    • The Reaver has a pouch with 20gp and a fine carving of a Lustrator Tower inlaid with gold that would be worth 50gp.
    • The mercenary captain wears a silver armband inlaid with gold worth 100gp.
    • The mercenary captain wears an Ironskin Belt, part of the Rig of Vilus the Unrepentant, Stasi’s Heroic Set Items.
    • The Reaver has a potion of healing.
      -After a cross country trek you arrive at the treasure house. A group of people are spotted entering the dark doorway of the house, while the clearing around it is full of mercenaries.
      -There are a few crossbow bolts scattered about, as though there was a recent fight, and some of the mercenaries appear to have minor wounds. One body lies behind a rock, killed by a crossbow bolt.
      -Around the rock there is a lingering aura of magic. A portal was recently opened here.
      -You enter the house and discover a skeleton with a note similar to the one you possess that details the location of the treasure house.
      -You manage to bypass a pair of pits shrouded in darkness.
      -Doren and his Lustrators await!

You are level 6! Current XP Total: 8,147

Session 5

  • XP gained: 1850 (combat) + 550 (trap/puzzle)= 2400/5 = 480 xp per character
  • Treasure:
    • In Captain Doren’s discarded gear you find a pouch containing 150gp.
    • Captain Doren also discarded his Shield of Deflection, which is in fact one piece of Korck’s Burden.
    • The Lustrator Binder wore a set of Forgemaster’s Gloves, which are part of the Cause.
    • Among the other bodies you find several potions: 1 x Clarity, 1 x Fire Beetle, 5x Healing.
    • The Reaver wears a fine suit of magical leather armor, the Cobra Coat.
      -After a brutal fight the Twilight Company emerges victorious.
      -The puzzle of the room was handily solved (with some cost to the Twilight Company).
      -Captain Doren fled through a door on the other side of the room. It is currently unknown whether he is alive or dead.
      -As you prepare to rest, intense uneasiness overcomes you. Those who attempt to flee are crushed by the walls of the treasure house itself!
      While you tarry in my house
      I think of you as but a mouse
      Stay quiet, calm, and slowly tread
      A step in haste and you’ll be dead.
      If you should feel your doom descending
      it’s likely true, you’re ripe for ending.

      -This nasty feature of the house appears to have two parts. The first is magical and creates a sense of doom and panic, which causes those affected to flee. The second part is triggered by running when the walls or ceiling form a great stone fist that tries to crush you. Further examination might reveal more.

You are level 6! Current XP Total: 8,627

Session 6

(Game Date: October 13, 2011)

  • XP gained: 1450 (combat) + 650 (trap/puzzle) + 300 (skill challenge/RP)= 2400/5 = 480 xp per character
  • Treasure:
    • Abernon was carrying a Sitar of Restfulness, which is the second piece of the Fine Trappings of Captain Tusk.
    • Abernon also carried with him a potion of regeneration.
      -You encounter the ghost of Abernon, a lastalan crusader who sought to destroy the evil of this place, an evil which he claims is a shrine to harvest souls for Acererak.
      -In return for swearing an oath to destroy the evil of this place or die in the attempt, Abernon grants you a boon of rest.
      -You handily bypass the inferno trap, deal with the “Five” by greeting the stranger, and manage to destroy the sorrowstone before the wraiths overcame you. Meepo’s expert skills prevent the arcane darts from ripping you to pieces.
      -Do you dare invade the green beast’s lair? Of course you do…

You can find the entirety of Acererak’s Riddle here.

You are level 6! Current XP Total: 9,107

Session 7

(Game Date: October 21, 2011)

  • XP gained: 2350 (combat) + 950 (trap/puzzle) + 1250 (major quest) = 2100/5 = 910 xp per character
  • Treasure: Unfortunately you destroyed most of Acererak’s hoard. However, a few things happen to survive…
    • The weapon wielded by the Hoard Construct is yours for the taking. Behold, the Soulhammer.
    • Though shattered, the more arcane among you realize that you can collect the gem dust. It will make a substantial quantity of residuum (2,500gp).
    • The bars of mountain copper that you salvage are readily portable wealth, and you will not have much trouble exchanging them for goods (500gp).
    • You each find a gem that has miraculously survived; you may choose the type. It is worth 500gp. Urin will have to wait for his 3 smaller gems to pass…
      -The gems and metals that made the mind of the Treasure House are shattered, bent, and broken. The shrine to Acererak’s ancient evil is now quiescent, safe for academics to study and for children to play in. Perhaps.

You are level 7! Current XP Total: 10,017

Acererak's Treasure House

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