Ashes of Roull


Ashes of Roull (level 7 magic item-2600 gp): The ashes of a long dead cleric, kept in a small iron urn. Only one party member may be designated as the bearer of the urn in a given day. A new bearer may be chosen each morning. The ashes can be smeared on the body as minor action/daily power. The effects of the ashes are random as detailed in the table below. The urn itself is magical, and provides a +1 to the healing surge value of the bearer of the urn. The bearer may smear ashes on themselves or other party members.

Effects of the Ashes of Roull

1 +2 to Ref/Fort/Will and gains 8 + 1/2lvl hps healing.
2 +1 to all attacks, immune to prone, slow and immobilized effects and gains 8 + 1/2lvl hps healing.
3 +2 to Ac, resist damage +3 and gains 8 + 1/2lvl hps healing.
4 One previously spent encounter power becomes available and gains 8 + 1/2lvl hps healing.

  • all effects last for the duration of the encounter
  • it is the bearer’s level that is used for determining hps gained
  • the bearer may spend 1 healing surge to adjust the result by +/- 1

Ashes of Roull

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