A Wrack is a shamanic figure or spiritual leader who is attached to individual tribes or also to large and important clans. Despite this attachment, Wracks operate outside of the standard socio-political organisation, though they will also act as advisors to chieftains and tribal leaders. Despite their presence, they are not, technically speaking, members of the tribe or clan. Thus, a Wrack need not have originally been a member of a clan or tribe.

Wracks are the spiritual leaders of a tribe, lacking the political authority of the tribal leader, but acting as the clan’s or tribe’s primary religious authority. They oversee many rituals and festivals and often act as an advisor to the chieftain. Wracks are also educators, teaching the young the history and traditions of the Kin and of the respective tribe or clan. While they remain outside of the political hierarchy, this does not prevent some from inserting themselves into political matters. In fact, in some instances Wracks can be political rivals to chieftains.

The River Kin use the honorific Bright Mother/Father to address their tribe’s Wrack. For a Wrack unaffiliated with one’s tribe they use Bright Lady/Lord. The Wracks themselves use Bright Sister/Brother when addressing a fellow Wrack and Dear Child to address a member of their tribe.

A Wrack will often have a Fenwalker to act as his or her herald and agent in the world.


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