River Kin Society

The River Kin are warm and emotional with family, but tend to be guarded and wary around those from outside the clan or tribe, especially non-Kin. They are particularly suspicious of humans. They are reclusive and private, almost to the extent of xenophobia. There is currently a fierce debate amongst the various chieftains and Wracks about how much to interact with the foreign element. Of principal concern is the apparently inexorable encroachment of Thron.

The River Kin cherish freedom, but almost exclusively at the clan level. The concept of personal freedom is almost unknown in their culture. Indeed, they define themselves not as individuals, but as members of their respective clan. Expressions of individual identity and freedoms are rare. Such vociferously independent individuals are often viewed as a ‘problem’. The clan’s chieftain has tremendous influence over the lives of his or her kin, particularly in the areas of justice, marriage, and employment.

As such, fennish culture, characterised by an ironclad respect for and adherence to tradition and tempered by the decentralisation of power across a galaxy of fractious clans and tribes, is a combination of a conservative outlook and a deeply rooted love of freedom. Thus fennish society and culture are slow to change and indeed are distrustful of change.

As one might imagine in society that places such emphasis on the common good, there exists a very strong sense of community amongst the River Kin. To leave is to die, partly due to the inhospitable wilderness that surrounds them. Only the community offers protection from the harsh dangers of the Fens.

Of course, at the same time in light of the fierce independence of the clans and tribes rivalries and intra-clan/intra-tribal politics can be harsh and ruthless. Raiding between clans and tribes for the purposes of retribution and securing resources is not unheard of.

The River Kin also have an obvious sense of fun. They love swimming, climbing, and running. There is a lot of jesting and mockery, which act as a bonding agent between and especially within various groups, such as the crew of a prize or a clan.

River Kin Society

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