Rise of the Alstalar

The Rise of the Alstalar

Introduction: Your home of Ophen is under constant attack from the demons that rule the countryside. Your people are the resillient Zaniman. Your ultimate purpose is to reclaim the Architect’s shattered laboratory and stop the aberrant hordes from using it as free passage into your world. Alstalar, last hope, be merciless against your enemies; reclaim the land.


Major Quests

  • Earn the favour of Deris Alben
    Progress -Observed the Ophen Guard in battle from afar and up close.
    -Fought against the Balkior in the last incursion.

Minor Quests

  • To Kill A Balkior
    Progress -Complete session 1, 100 xp awarded.
  • A Dirty Job
    Progress -will complete when the nets at Alban’s bridge have been emptied.

Optional Quests

  • None

Session 1

  • XP gained: 100 (skill challenge) +100 (quest) +133 (encounter) +50 (reward for helping the dying Ophen Guard)= 383
  • Treasure Earned: Unclaimed reward at Guardhall
  • Summary:
    -Learned of tactics from the Ophen Guard.
    -Received a strange riddle from an Undeman Elder.
    -Helped defeat a flock of Balkior Demons.

Rise of the Alstalar

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