Tag: dustbowl hills


  • Red Rock

    Red Rock is the furthest civilized settlement in the western region of the kingdom of Thron. It is currently under the authority of Sherif Devlin. Red Rock is a gateway into the western mountains and the Dustbowl Hills at their feet. It is estimated that …

  • Fij Caverns

    A cavernous passage allowing travellers to pass underneath [[Tangle Ridge]]. A remote fishing spot for some of the residents of [[Red Rock]]. Recently proven to contain a vicious breed of giant leeches.

  • Falstar

    A survivor of the destruction of Talon, Falstar has recently emerged from a decade long meditation to aid the Twilight Company in their attempt to stop a demonic menace. Falstar is a powerful wizard with a deep understanding of runes and their power. It …